Podcast of the day/C-Realm: On Digital Disconnect, Epochalism and Critical Junctures

We’ve already featured some written excerpts from this extraordinary presentation and today we’re sharing it as part of our Podcast of the Day Feature. You can also read the full transcription in Reality Sandwhich.

KMO @ the Record Room in Portland, Oregon

As host of the weekly C-Realm podcast, KMO holds a singular position, acting as facilitator for a wide range of perspectives on economics, consciousness, resource depletion, techno-utopianism, climate change, etc. KMO’s own evolving worldview combines all of the above into a very unique and nuanced analysis that informs the underlying, and not always evident, C-Realm narrative. This particular episode turns the tables somewhat, featuring KMO reading his own presentation on epochalism from his recent summer tour. This is essential listening for any observer of contemporary trends in play.

[audio src=”http://www.c-realm.com/wp-content/uploads/377_Manifesting_In_Meat_Space.mp3″]

From the shownotes to the episode: “KMO reads the text of his Manifesting In Meat Space couch-surfing tour in which he encourages the Friends of the C-Realm to distinguish between epochal changes, which typically do not manifest themselves neatly within the span of a single human lifetime, and what Robert McChesney calls “critical junctures” which do present opportunities to implement lasting societal change in a short period. The energy industry hype about “Saudi America” may be gibberish, but that doesn’t make a Mad Max-style fast collapse of industrial civilization because of peak oil a realistic prospect. KMO concludes with a warning against using righteous indignation to galvanize resistance against unjust power hierarchies.”

This presentation was given during the crowdfunded 2013 C-Realm “Manifesting in Meatspace” tour, where “KMO brings the content of the C-Realm Podcast out of audio cyberspace and into the realm of eye contact, handshakes and body language.” C-Realm listener Scott Mauer´s account of one of the presentations by KMO can be found here.