Podcast of the Day/C-Realm: Kevin Carson on the Functional Equivalent of a Conspiracy

Another must hear conversation between KMO of the C-Realm podcast, and P2P Foundation contributor Kevin Carson. Here’s the original post on the C-Realm website.

From the shownotes to the episode:

Don't even think of sitting here.KMO and Kevin Carson, the author of The Desktop Regulatory State: The Countervailing Power of Networks and Super-Empowered Individuals, met up at the public library in Springdale, Arkansas to record a conversation about radical monopolies, car culture, retrofitting the built environment to compensate for peak oil, and how government and corporations “conspire” to criminalize low-cost living. Kevin explains the problem with literal, simplistic conspiracy narratives and discusses the culture of Northwest Arkansas. Finally, KMO plays a bit of conversation recorded in 2007 with the founder of The Farm, Stephen Gaskin, who died yesterday.

Music by Rising Appalachia.

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