Podcast of the Day/C-Realm: G. Paul Blundell on the Acorn Community

Reposted from the C-Realm podcast, KMO starts off with a discussion of David Graeber’s 2012 essay, “Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit”, part of which we’ve recently featured of the blog.  The bulk of the Podcast comprises a fascinating conversation with G- Paul Blundell on the workings of his Commune.

From the shownotes to the episode:

G. Paul BlundellThis week’s episode of the C-Realm Podcast begins with a discussion of David Graeber’s 2012 essay, Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit. KMO shares a portion of the conversation with Eric Boyd from C-Realm Vault Podcast episode 082 about some possible reasons why SF visions of moon bases, robotic maids and flying cars never came true. After that, KMO talks with G. Paul Blundell of Acorn Community about running large, complex operations without hierarchy, exploitation or coercion. Paul argues that renouncing hierarchy does not mean abandoning the benefits of coordinated action involving millions of people. The episode ends with a reading from a post to the blog The Hipcrime Vocab


Music by The Little Stevies.


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