Podcast of the day: Tim Jordan on Hacking and Communicative Practices After the Internet

Reposted from Hearsay Culture, David S. Levine interviews Tim Jordan, a Senior Lecturer in the analysis of digital culture at King’s College London .


From the shownotes to the episode:

Dr Tim Jordan

“Lastly, I’m thrilled to post Show #192, August 23, my interview with Tim Jordan of King’s College London on hacking. Tim is (and has been) doing fascinating work on the question of how the Internet has changed communication practices. Drawing on the worlds of 19th century Australian pioneers and modern-day virtual world gamers,Internet, Society and Culture: Communicative Practices Before and After the Internet, published by Bloomsbury, was a terrific book from which to draw many enlightening and fun points of discussion. I learned much and loved the interview.”


1 Comment Podcast of the day: Tim Jordan on Hacking and Communicative Practices After the Internet

  1. AvatarEimhin

    Uhhhhhh… I feel a bit left on the island here…no wait…discipline…listen to all of it… Patience…

    Oh dear…
    Good luck with those donations…

    32minutes in and we have spoken about australian letters and whaling… ‘after the internet?’
    What internet? I wonder how this kind of thing passes for learning or teaching or if its worthy of either direction of effort.
    38minutes, still no internet, 10 minutes left… My guess is Tim spent more of his life out of touch with the internet than he did in touch with th internet. Looks like he’s a gamer that spends a lot of time gaming rather than doing much in the way of internet based learning.
    Oh, here we go…
    Oh dear…

    I pity this guys students…what a load of crap.

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