1 Comment Podcast: Michel Bauwens on P2P and the Commons

  1. AvatarProf.V.Nagarajan

    I listened with interest your podcasting. I was in the field of Adult learning for 25 years. I see lot of scope to revisit and review the classic concepts of Participatory research, Transformative research, conscietization and networking of people. This is a nice way of covering up the difficulties encountered in the physical space and seeking refuge at cyberspace for cyber liberty, cyber equality and cyber fraternity. An added value is to move to phenomenology from the present impersonal and value neutral top to bottom to bottom up and lateral form of interaction. Additionally this will liberate technology and decontrol media control. Domesticating and democratising technology and socail structure – a dream failed in the physical space but you are testing in the cyberspace. Good work. We will follow you.

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