Podcast: Cheyenna Weber on the History and Future of the Solidarity Economy

In this episode, we spoke with Cheyenna Weber, co-founder of Solidarity NYC and a lead organizer of the Cooperative Economics Alliance of NYC, or CEANYC.

We talked with Weber about her work with SolidarityNYC and CEANYC and how these organizations support a growing solidarity economy in New York City and beyond. The conversation broadly explores the concept of economic solidarity, where it came from, where it is right now, and where it might be headed. How did solidarity manifest during the Occupy Wall Street movement? Why is it important that we view cooperatives, credit unions, and other forms of alternative economics as part of a broader movement? What is the role of personal and cultural transformation in the movement?

If you’d like to learn more about the work described in the podcast or the solidarity economy framework, please check out solidaritynyc.orggocoopnyc.orgneweconomy.net, or ussen.org. Follow these organizations on social media or subscribe to their newsletters to be notified of events, resources, or news related to solidarity economics in the U.S.

This interview is a part of Upstream’s in-depth exploration of the solidarity economy. Listen to the documentary episode on the solidarity economy to learn more.

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