Podcast: Bonnitta Roy on Open Participatory Organizations

“How can organizations support our authentic and meaningful engagement in work we actually care about? How can we value openness, participation, reputation, legitimacy, connectivity, and abundance in the way we work together? How can we can organize in ways that liberate rather than stifle our creative spirit?

Social philosopher Bonnitta Roy thinks we need a new kind of organization to meet these challenges. She calls it the Open Participatory Organization. And her Manifesto is the point of departure for this conversation—an example of the kind of work Bonnitta does in real time with people and organizations around the world.”

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Bonnitta Roy

Bonnitta-Roy_profile-pic-150x150Bonnitta Roy lives on a small farm in rural Connecticut. She has been designing new structures for organizations that are ready to adapt to the changes inherent in our time. Drawing on a life of study and practice in solitude and community, Bonnitta carries a vision and presence that cultivates the best qualities in relating to each other. She’s an award-winning author, teacher, philosopher and insight guide, and a life coach who specializes in the challenges faced by individuals entering post-formal levels of consciousness.

Bonnitta is founder of Alderlore SOLE, a summer program for young adults based on principles of clarity, complexity thinking, awareness, and generative life practice. She is also curator of The Magellan Courses—a free online learning community centered around books that demonstrate post-dialectic reasoning and post-formal themes. Most recently, she has founded APP Associates International to develop practical applications, such as organizational templates, facilitation and assessment tools, analytic techniques and process methods, all based on participatory principles, to support the transition to new ways of organizational life.

Learn more about Bonnitta’s work at appassociates.net.

Mentioned in this Episode


APP Associates International
Alderlore Insight Center
Center for Transformational Leadership


The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge


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