Please support and co-finance, for a truly free media infrastructure system is different form other services like Bambuser, Ustream or Vimeo in that it only uses free tools ((Icecast at Linux server, html5 media players, Android apps); it combines live streaming on demand in only one COMMUNITARY service; and it works with uncensored free contents and without advertising. This way, you are not a media product sold to advertisers. The community self-manages with contributions that, once the development is completed, allow to pay annually the cost of a good streaming server ensuring the service stability (good upload and download bandwidth)

Please support the crowdfunding campaign of Adtlá , a community and a free radio-television system with livestreaming service. Five days left for your important donation!!

More information via Goteo!

3 Comments Please support and co-finance, for a truly free media infrastructure system

  1. AvatarMichel Bauwens

    perhaps because the so-called free formats don’t have embed codes? or has that situation changed now … it used to be too time consuming for novices to upload free videos, and therefore the paradox of free but not shareabe, you’re pure, but only communicating with other pure ones .. by contrast the evil proprietary platforms let you easily share with 2 billion people .. those you need to reach

  2. Avataradtlantida

    Only because the mediaarchive it’s not finished before crowdfunding.There isn’t problems with codecs with technologies like cortado (java)and html5.And it’s psible to share in twitter for example to reach people…but your contents are in a community server.This is a great difference!!!

    Thanks for spreading the campaign 🙂

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