You are invited to participate in this survey conducted by the research teams from the P2Pvalue project, in which the P2P Foundation is a consortium member.

In the research project P2PValue  we study what we call peer to peer (P2P) communities. With this we mean networks of people who freely collaborate around a common goal, using shared resources. Examples are Wikipedia, Debian and other FLOSS communities as well as Maker Spaces and Community Agriculture. This is not a definition written in stone, but we hope that it will give you an idea of what sort of activities we are interested in.

In this survey we want to ask you about your experience of working with P2P communities. Please take time to answer these questions and help us conclude our research. At the end of the survey you can give us a contact address, and we will update you on where you can find our research results.

Click here to take the survey now. The survey was created with survey software.

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