PirateBox and LibraryBox – are edges of net coming alive?

The PirateBox

… is a DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware.

PirateBox creates offline wireless networks designed for anonymous file sharing, chatting, message boarding, and media streaming. You can think of it as your very own portable offline Internet in a box!

PirateBox is designed to be private and secure. No logins are required and no user data is logged. Users remain anonymous – the system is purposely not connected to the Internet in order to subvert tracking and preserve user privacy.

The PirateBox is open source, but you can’t buy one (for now) you can make your own though.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 21.32.20

Shareable has an article My Week with PirateBox, the DIY Mobile Cloud Storage Device

That article also mentions LibraryBox, another similar mini mobile personal cloud server, which has been developed as a fork of the PirateBox, customised for educational, library and similar needs.

LibraryBox is a digital distribution tool for education, libraries, healthcare, and emergency response. Anywhere there is a lack of open internet access, LibraryBox can bridge the gap of information delivery.

There are also some videos on LibraryBox in the shareable article.

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