Permanent Future Lab

Image by Permanent Future Lab Utrecht CS

The Permanent Future Lab (PFlab) is a initiative for sharing open and closed source technology started in early 2015 by Jurjen de Vries  and Samir Lahiri 

As of November 2015, it has locations in Utrecht, Den Haag and Eindhoven.
These are the core values of PFlab:
  • Innovation. Play is essential. In a PFlab you find a host of innovative gadgets, from 3D printers and Doodlers to robots, electronic toolkits, Raspberry Pie, drones, Google Glass or a brain sensing headband called muse, among alot of other interesting stuff. People are encouraged to walk in and have a look.
  • Openness. Technology is made accessible to a larger and broader audience. Everybody is welcome in the PFlab. The movement aims to limit the gap between the technology sector and society.
  • No Commerce. It is different from a tech incubator. You’ll see no commercial activity in the PFlab. There are, however, definitely start-ups that have definitely benefited from the space.
The PFlab Wiki boasts an extensive list of technology (gadgets), that is available at each location. This tech is literally lying around to inspire and share the enthusiasm they embody.
The PFlab is a great location for p2p tech innovators to follow the current state of technology in a playful way – and make sure no start-up ends up re-inventing the wheel.

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