Core team members

Michel Bauwens

Founder and main content contributor – Belgium/Thailand

James Burke

Operations and platform development – Netherlands/UK

Chris Pinchen

Community outreach, dissemination, events – UK

Kevin Flanagan

Community outreach, dissemination, events – Ireland

Vasilis Kostakis

Greek Blog and Wiki – Greece

Stacco Troncoso

Strategic Development and Blog Editor – Spain

Main Supporters

Sam Rose

Systems research, network theory, and complexity science applied to local “Nowtopian” projects – USA

Paul Hartzog

Systems research – USA

Phoebe Moore

Academic research network – UK

Athina Karatzagionni

Academic research network – UK

Natalie Pang

Academic research network – Singapore

Zoe Romano

Creative industries focus – Italy

Bertram Niessen

Creative industries focus – Italy

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