Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy

Amsterdam. September 2-3, 2016

Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy is a conference integrating conversations and plans of action for shaping and connecting the Commons on a global level.

Our final program is listed below,  please join us in Amsterdam!

The conference is organized along three tracks:

      • Track 1: P2P: Inclusive Politics, Activism and Law for the Commons
      • Track 2: Decentralized Tech and Beyond:Global Design,Local Production
      • Track 3: From Platform to Open Cooperativism

We will explore questions such as:

      • What are the conditions that encourage communities to work as peers, creating commons?
      • What are the best practices communities can adopt to safeguard their resilience?
      • Decentralization – why is it important, and how is it implemented and maintained?
      • How can the working methodologies honed by well-established digital communities act as transitional guidelines for sustainable “material” manufacturing?
      • What about social innovation and livelihoods – how does contributory and open accounting work with the systems of value creation found in CBPP?
      • How can civil society participate in recommending policy proposals that support CBPP for governments at the local, regional, national – even global – levels?

Join your peers, add your voice and take part in the growing conversation about the Commons as an important, emerging collaborative social model.

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Day One: Friday 2/9/2016

8:30: Registration and Welcome coffee
9:00: Opening and Intro Day 1, Frank Kresin
9:30: Commons policy for collaborative economy & knowledge Plenary Session – Mayo Fuster, moderator. Steve Hill, Vasilis Niaros, Speakers.
9:30: Blockchain for the commons and Foundups – Amanda Jansen
10:30: Break
11:00: A Lab for the Urban Commons and the City as a Commons: LabGov AMS and the CO-Ams process. Debate – Moderator: Sophie Bloemen. Speakers: John Grin (UvA), Stan Majoor (HvA), Faiza Dadi (Gemeente Amsterdam), Christian Iaione (LabGov Bologna), Thomas de Groot (Deelraad Amsterdam West, Piraten Partij), Joachim Meerkerk (Pakhuis de Zwijger).
11:00: Online Participatory Cultures Plenary (90min), Q&A (20min) – Moderator: Frank Kresin. Speakers: Lisha Sterling, Craig Ambrose, Rachel O’Dwyer, Samer Hassan, Pablo Oranguren.
11:00: Design Global, Manufacture Local Plenary (90min), Q&A (20-30min)
13:00: Lunch
14:00: Is the EU only a problem or can it also be part of the solution?
Debate – Moderator: David Hammerstein. Speakers: Sophie Bloemen, Michel Bauwens, Carmen Lozano, Mayo Fuster, Melanie Dulong, Jaromil.
14:00: From Platform to Open Cooperativism.
Plenary – Moderator: Josef Davies Coates. Speakers: Jessica Gordon Nembhard , John Restakis, Alex Pazaitis, Douglas Rushkoff (VOIP), Trebor Scholz (VOIP).
14:00: A Lab for the Urban Commons and the City as a Commons: LabGov AMS and the CO-Ams process.
Presentations and panel
14:00: Design Global, Manufacture Local.
Plenary – Moderator: Michiel Schwarz. Speakers: Vasilis Niaros, Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Lisha Sterling.
15:30: Break
16:00: Policies and Law for the Commons. Presentation and panel – Moderator: Lisha Sterling. Speakers: Janelle Orsi (via VOIP), David Bollier.
16:00: Licensing for the Commons.
Plenary – Moderator: Vasilis Niaros. Speakers: Bruno Carballa, Baruch Gottlieb, Michel Bauwens.
16:00: A Lab for the Urban Commons and the City as a Commons: LabGov AMS and the CO-Ams process.
Workshop – Joachim Meerkerk
16:00: Empowering People: Renewable energy as a commons. Workshop
16:00: Workshop Pro commons policy & collaborative economy. Workshop – Moderator: Mayo Fuster.
16:00:  EU and the Commons: Proposals for European policy to promote the common. Workshop 2
17:10: Wrap up of Day 1, Frank Kresin
17:30: Closing drinks.

DAY 2: Saturday 3/9/2016

9:00: Registration and Welcome coffee
9:30: Welcome and Intro day 2, Frank Kresin
9:30: Sustainable Livelihoods and Alternative Financing Plenary – Moderator: Stacco Troncoso. Speakers: Sarah de Heusch, Carmen Lozano Bright, Lisha Sterling.
10:00: (Em)powering People: Renewable Energy as a Commons
Plenary. – Moderator: David Hammerstein. Speakers: Cecile Blanchet, David Bollier, Abdelhulheb Choco (tbc), Zuiderlicht (tbc).
11:00: Break
11:30: State Power and Commoning: Transcending a Problematic Relationship Plenary
11:30: Workshop (Em)powering People: Renewable Energy as a Commons. Workshop. – Host: David Hammerstein.
11:30: Meta Economic Networks. Plenary. – Moderator: Stacco Troncoso. Speakers: Dmytri Kleiner, George Dafermos, Genevieve Parkes, Stephanie Rearick.
13:00: Lunch
14:00: From Platform to Open Cooperativism. Plenary, – Moderator: Josef Davies Coates. Speakers: Donnie Maclurcan, Josef Davies Coates, Nathan Schneider (VOIP), Pat Conaty.
14:00: State Power and Commoning: Transcending a Problematic Relationship. Plenary. – Moderator: Alex Pazaitis. Speakers: David Bollier, Michel Bauwens, Jessica Gordon Nembhard, John Restakis, George Dafermos, Mayo Fuster.
14:00: State Power and Commoning: Transcending a Problematic Relationship. Q&A Lounge
15:30: Break
16:00: Introducing the European Commons Assembly. Plenary. – Moderator: Lisha Sterling. Speakers: Martin Kirk, Bayo Akomolafe, Hilary Wainwright.
16:00: Ditigal Democracy for the Commons by Oview App. Plenary. – Moderator: Amanda Jansen. Speakers: Coby Babani.
16:00: Sustainable Livelihoods.
17:10: Closing remarks. Plenary. – Speaker: Michel Bauwens.
17:50: Wrap up, Frank Kresin
18:00: Closing drinks

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