Peer Production in Art: Matrioska

As promised with this post I would like to announce that Matrioska, one of the first peer production artistic projects, is officially on-line and in a few weeks on the bookstores (book+CD) as well.

Matrioska is a manifold work of a large creative team spanning 6 cities and 2 countries, coordinated with the aid of the Internet. As was explained in the previous post, its creative process was impregnated with the values and the practices of Commons-based peer production.

Matrioska consists of literature, music and photography. Although the book is in Greek, you can still enjoy the music and photographs (links “Mousiki” and “Fotographies” respectively) at Once the book is published, the ebook and the music  will be freely available for download via the Voreiodytikes Publications and Antelma Music.

Matrioska is project which was collaboratively created, following modes of peer governance and its distribution is under a Creative Commons license. Let’s hope that this Commons-oriented initiative will achieve sustainability in order the publishing house to be able in the future to refinance and promote similar initiatives.

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