#Pcond – Participatory Open Online Course Oct 15th – Dec 6th


[email protected]’s Participatory, Open, Online Course (or “POOC”) on The Participatory Condition addresses the history, problems and possibilities of participatory media in contemporary society.

The POOC is offered as a complement to [email protected]’s international colloquium on The Participatory Condition, taking place in Montreal on November 15th and 16th, 2013.
All participants who register for the POOC are invited to learn, share, collaborate and create knowledge using the POOC’s digital platform. Participants of all levels are welcome.

Online registration is open from September 24 to October 28, 2013.”


“This is a non-credited, Participatory Open Online Course offered by [email protected] as a complement to its international colloquium on The Participatory Condition (November 15-16, 2013).”

“The Participatory Condition POOC comprises 8 Modules that address different ways of understanding participation in the digital age: from participation as a contemporary predicament, to its possible roles in the democratization of knowledge. From October 15th to December 6th, registered participants will be able to learn, exchange and contribute to each of the specific themes addressed in the modules, including Surveillance, Gaming, Art and Design, and Regulating Participation. The POOC themes reflect those addressed in the international colloquium, which will be livestreamed in its entirety.

The POOC’s pedagogical contents are based on readings, screenings, and peer-learning through blog contributions and facilitated discussions. The POOC allows us to put theory into practice and bring together academics, activists, and communities from around the world to address the contemporary predicament of participation.”

http://www.pcond.ca/pooc/modules/online ordering celebrex

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