Paul Grignon on the Esssence of Money

Thomas Greco writes:

“Paul Grignon, creator of the excellent videos, Money as Debt I and II, came to my presentation on Salt Spring Island and brought with him a new short video called The Essence of Money, a Medieval Tale. In less than eight minutes, this video explains as well as anything I’ve seen how simple and effective a community-created currency can be. Highly recommended!”

View it here:

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  1. AvatarBrigitte Kratzwald

    the problem I see is that:
    community currencies do encourage production and consumption, which is good in poor societies. but in our affluent societies we need to reduce production and consumption for ecological reasons and reasons of global justice. we do not produce too few goods, but a lot too many, but we do distribute them unadaquately. community currencies aren’t a solution for these distribution problems nor for the global climate and environmental problems.

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