In this episode we are speaking with Pat Kane the founding curator of Future Fest. He discusses his relationship between music and his professional life. Pat also discusses with us how he grew into his profession with education and how he was able to apply it to music.

Pat attended Glastonbury University and obtained a degree in English and Media Studies

An array of different topics with Pat Kane and how they intertwine with music

We also discuss different topics about reading books and how they’ve played a key role for Pat to use alternative thinking with a more open mind. He discusses Future Fest conferences and enables people an affordable place compared to Wired or TED conferences.

Also, discussed in the interview is some political talk and activism within music and how it has certain messages to purvey to it’s audience. Pat discusses with us how people can network in the music industry and the best methods to selling tickets to your community to drive sales up.

Pat is the ultimate activist for musicians and making sure they have a platform in Future Fest to make sure they have knowledge within their industry. Future Fest is a space where people can be themselves and grow in inspiration as musicians.

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