Patterns for Decentralised Organising / Richard D. Barlett and Natalia Lombardo / Intersection18

Presented at Intersection Conference If you’re interested in the future of work, you may have heard rumours about Enspiral, a network of 200 entrepreneurs in New Zealand working on “stuff that matters”. The network is composed of many start-ups and small co-ops experimenting with radical self-management practices, decentralised ownership, and shared leadership. Nati and Rich… Continue reading

Using the CSA Model for Jazz Performance

I am always amazed at how commoning reaches into the most unlikely realms of life. The latest example that I’ve discovered is jazz performance! For the moment, leave aside the idea of jazz as an artform that is fundamentally about commoning – improvised collaboration, individual artistry that flowers within an ensemble, being attuned to the… Continue reading

Commoners on the Rise in South East Europe

Here’s a fascinating sign that commoning is growing as a social and political form: new histories are being written to trace its recent evolution!  The latest example is a new book released by The Institute for Political Ecology in Zagreb, Croatia, has recently published Commons in South East Europe: Case of Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia. (PDF file)… Continue reading

Operation Mindfuck 2.0

Propaganda used to mean getting people to believe stuff. Now it means getting them to question what they believe or whether there’s any truth at all. However disorienting this is, it may not be all bad. The term “propaganda” originally referred to a 17th-century committee of Roman Catholic cardinals that sought to propagate the religion… Continue reading

OD&M at the 83rd Florence International Handycraft Fair

The OD&M project has participated to the 83rd Florence International Handycraft Fair with the exhibition of the prototypes realized by the students of the course Design Driven Strategies for Manufacture 4.0 and social innovation. Students have been working in teams in response to 2 main challenges –  new services in remote areas and sustainable and citizens-centered urban regeneration -, exploring… Continue reading