Minneapolis, Minnesota: Community Power

In 2011, a campaign that would eventually become Community Power was set up, with the aim of directing more of the US$450 million Minneapolis residents spend each year on energy bills towards a clean energy economy. Since the partnership’s creation, a broad coalition of actors have pushed forward community-grounded energy solutions: universally-accessible, debt free financing… Continue reading

OD&M students’ mobilities

By odmadmin Last week, 12 students of the OD&M training visited the training nodes (Florence, Bilbao, London, Dabrowa Gornicza) exploring the local ecosystems of alliances between Universities, makers communities and enterprises. The mobility gave the possibility to build mutual knowledge and relations between students from the four countries, and has been a very positive experience… Continue reading

Book review: The History of Community Development Financial Institutions

Book review by Matt Cropp, republished from geo.coop Democratizing Finance: Origins of the Community Development Financial Institutions Movement Clifford N. RosenthalFriesen Press, 2019 For those of us working to build the co-op economy in the U.S., Community Development Financial Institutions, or CDFIs, are strategically vital players in making more cooperation happen. Here in Vermont, knowing… Continue reading

Who Owns the Million Dollar Baseball?

Modern capitalism has the conceit that only individual property owners create wealth and they therefore deserve all the rewards. It cannot comprehend the idea that commoners and commons create value. Fortunately, a brilliant young cartoonist from Canberra, Australia, Stuart McMillen, clearly explains the collective origins of wealth through a wonderful extended comic strip. It is… Continue reading

Co-ops and the Global Commission on the Future of Work: Q&A with Simel Esim

How are co-operatives responding to the world of work challenges? Interview by Anca Voinea, originally published at coop news on 1st May 2019 Simel Esim heads the International Labour Organization’s Cooperatives Unit, which manages ILO activities on co-operatives and other social and solidarity economy enterprises (SSEEs). She has been at the helm of the unit since 2012. In… Continue reading

The commons

The commons are collective resources managed by self-organized social systems under mutually acceptable terms. Written by Dana Brown, Director, The Next System Project. Article reposted from The Next System Project They are our collective heritage as a species—both those resources which we inherit from previous generations and those which we create—managed in such a way… Continue reading

How to Create a Thriving Global Commons Economy

Not since Marx identified Manchester’s manufacturing plants as blueprints for the new capitalist society have our political economy’s fundamentals faced a more profound transformation. As structural crises beset capitalism, a new mode of production is emerging: commons-based peer production. This piece by Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Kostakis was originally published on The Next System.org. Download… Continue reading

People-powered finance to the rescue?

How we can wrestle back our apps from the tech giants and end surveillance capitalism. Peter Harris: 2018 was the year where the twisted intersection of apps, data exploitation, privacy and corporate tech giants went mainstream. While the issues had been brewing for a while — such as the revelation of addiction design in most apps, the… Continue reading