Podcast: Michel Bauwens, How Peer-to-Peer Can Change the World

Originally posted on thinkdif.co In this podcast, Michel Bauwens joins some dots together and explains why the open source movement, the growing prevalence of peer-to-peer sharing economy platforms and new technologies like blockchain create the potential to create a fundamentally different economic model that circulates vale between businesses, people and the environment, rather than extracts… Continue reading

AgTechTakeback | Neither neoLuddism nor Corporate Ag – Towards a Holistic Agroecology

Vassilis Gkisakis: Will hi-tech save agriculture from its otherwise intractable problems?  Certainly technological stakeholders want it to appear so, as digitisation increases both in the fields and in the policy documents and future plans for the sector. Hi-tech solutions are promoted as unavoidable and necessary and are broadly publicised as the ultimate innovative path for the modernization of farming…. Continue reading

The Platform co-op movement gathers in Hong Kong for its global conference

Trebor Scholz, reposted from The News Coop: The Platform Cooperativism Consortium’s annual global conference was held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) – the first time the event has moved away from the New School in New York City. This two-day conference, and the 48-hour hackathon that preceded it, involved more than 250 participants from 18 countries, including 40… Continue reading

The Open Coop Governance Model in Guerrilla Translation: an Overview

Guerrilla Translation (GT) began its life as an activist translation collective of politicised, conscious translators. Our motivation is to create a plurilingual knowledge commons, accessible through GT’s websites (English and Spanish so far). But GT is also a translation/language agency offering a variety of communication services and its governance model ties these two facets together. GT’s model is an extensive… Continue reading

Integral Technology in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Beyond – a concept note for discussion

Jem Bendell and Matthew Slater: The billions of dollars of venture capital pouring into blockchain start-ups over the past year reflect how people with a serious financial interest in technology see significant potential in distributed ledger technology (DLT). Yet the actual use of these technologies for everyday applications is still rare. Some say that it is… Continue reading

Book of the Day – Radical Help: How We Can Remake the Relationships Between Us and Revolutionise the Welfare State

About Hilary Cottam, Kate Raworth writes, “her work is all about how the welfare state can become a partner state that empowers people by putting human relationships (and local commons) at the heart of their services. She is a designer focused on social change, and creates a series of locally based initiatives that are effectively… Continue reading

5 key things to look for before launching a platform cooperative marketplace

Martijn Arets: As sharing economy companies come under fire for exploitative labor practices, data privacy issues, and more, there’s another movement that’s been brewing to counter some of the negative impacts of these platforms. Called “platform cooperatives,” these digital enterprises are built on foundations used by traditional cooperatives. In the U.S., Green Taxi, Stocksy United [a sponsor of Shareable], and Up&Go, are… Continue reading

Oakland, California Declares Climate Emergency

Originally published on Commondreams.org Andrea Germanos: Tackling ‘Urgency and Scale” of Crisis, Oakland, Calif. Declares Climate Emergency. City council passed resolution Tuesday endorsing declaration of a climate emergency and calling for just transition. The Oakland Climate Action Coalition claimed victory Tuesday night after the California city passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency and committing… Continue reading