What Enspiral can teach us about how to run a company with no boss

Darren Sharp interviews Alana Irving about “Better Work Together”, a compendium of distributed leadership strategies prototyped at Enspiral. Cross-posted from Shareable.net Darren Sharp: How do you create a viable business or organization without a hierarchy? Enspiral, an entrepreneurial collective based in Wellington, New Zealand, has been working to answer this question since 2010. Started as… Continue reading

What if Workers Owned Their Workplaces?

The cooperative movement is showing that worker-owned businesses can not only survive, but thrive. By Michelle Chen Can good values be good business, too? For generations, the cooperative movement has been answering with a resounding “Yes!” After a surge of entrepreneurial fervor following the 2007 economic collapse, cooperative ventures are even getting a nod from our… Continue reading

Arts Catalyst Event in London, UK – Towards the planetary commons: reimagining infrastructures for autonomy

Marwa Arsanios | Paloma Polo | Lorenzo Sandoval | They Are Here 12.00pm, Thu 23 May 2019 – 6.00pm, Sat 3 August 2019 Arts Catalyst74-76 Cromer StreetLondonWC1H 8DR FURTHER INFORMATION Free, no need to book we-are-in-this together-but-we-are-not-one-and-the-same” — Rosi Braidotti Towards the Planetary Commons is a new exhibition investigating agency and autonomy in the face of global ecological crises. Encompassing artist film, an… Continue reading

Patterns for Decentralised Organising / Richard D. Barlett and Natalia Lombardo / Intersection18

Presented at Intersection Conference If you’re interested in the future of work, you may have heard rumours about Enspiral, a network of 200 entrepreneurs in New Zealand working on “stuff that matters”. The network is composed of many start-ups and small co-ops experimenting with radical self-management practices, decentralised ownership, and shared leadership. Nati and Rich… Continue reading

Using the CSA Model for Jazz Performance

I am always amazed at how commoning reaches into the most unlikely realms of life. The latest example that I’ve discovered is jazz performance! For the moment, leave aside the idea of jazz as an artform that is fundamentally about commoning – improvised collaboration, individual artistry that flowers within an ensemble, being attuned to the… Continue reading