The Rojava Revolution: Co-operation, Environmentalism, and Feminism in the North Syria Democratic Federation

Republished from Global University for Sustainability The Fifth South-South Forum on Sustainability (SSFS5) was organized by Global University for Sustainability and the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, together with 10 co-organizers, on 13–18 June 2018, in Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China. SSFS5 focused on “Transformative Visions and Praxis”. On Day 3 (15 June 2018),… Continue reading

Self-Regulation and Regulatory Intermediation in the Platform Economy

Republished excerpt from Forthcoming in: Marta Cantero Gamito & Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz (eds.) The Role of the EU in Transnational Legal Ordering: Standards, Contracts and Codes, Edward Elgar 2019 Christoph Busch University of Osnabrück – European Legal Studies Institute Abstract Digital platforms are not only market intermediaries between different groups of platform users. They are… Continue reading

Podcast of the Day: The White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto – Jaya Klara Brekke, Ben Vickers and Paul Mason in conversation

Republished from In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto published a revolutionary white paper that described a simple peer-to-peer electronic cash system that would later become Bitcoin. In the decade since the launch of the digital currency, the nascent blockchain technology behind Bitcoin has been heralded as having the… Continue reading

Why We Need a New Open Source License

Mary Camacho:Our developer and application communities have been asking for more clarity on our licensing models, and we are very happy to share our progress and some exciting news. Last September, we wrote about the licensing needs for truly peer-to-peer software. As part of that post, we said that it was time to develop We understand… Continue reading

Human waste: the latest enclosure of the commons?

I’ve always been amazed at the things and activities around which commons have been unexpectedly developed – noncommercial theater, humanitarian rescue maps, specialized scientific microscopes. Little did I suspect that I would encounter a commons based on….human excrement. Even more surprising is that this valiant little commons, dedicated to using the human biome to benefit everyone, may soon… Continue reading