Lumen Prize for Polish OD&M Training

LUMEN – Leaders in University Management is an annual Conference and Competition for all Polish Universities. The leitmotif of this year’s LUMEN Conference was the practical aspects of the implementation of Law 2.0, including change management at universities. The debate featured the main stakeholders of the science and higher education system, including the representatives of the… Continue reading

Industry, Design, Makers: Open Design and Manufacturing trainings

The following report details four training workshops which took place as part of the Open Design and Manufacturing project this year. These were: Design Driven Strategies for Manufacture 4.0 and Social Innovation. Florence (Italy) Open Design and Manufacturing through event-based learning. Dabrowa Gornicza and Lodz (Poland) Citizens Centered Innovation and Design for Open and Distributed… Continue reading

Futures of Production Through Cosmo-Local and Commons-Based Design

Workshop: Leapfrogging Sustainable Development: Exploring the strategic futures of production and policy through cosmo-local and commons-based design. By Jose Ramos, 20-21 Sept 2019 ; Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai Description A new way of thinking is emerging for developing strategic pathways for local to planetary economic and ecological viability. This way of thinking centres around the… Continue reading

Public-Common Partnerships: Building New Circuits of Collective Ownership

This post by Keir Milburn and Bertie Russell was originally published on Executive summary This report introduces a new institutional framework for a transformative socialist politics: the Public-Common Partnership (PCP). Whilst the era of new public-private partnerships in the UK has apparently come to an end, more than £199 billion of Public Private Partnership… Continue reading


While transforming food and agriculture to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is becoming increasingly urgent, ‘smart farming’ appears to many as an attractive way to achieve sustainability, not least in terms of profit. In the European Commission’s plan, the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is intended to fund the huge investments this 3.0 agri-revolution… Continue reading

Ecofeminism to Escape Collapse

Maria Mediavilla: Feminism has gained a very strong following in Spain in recent years, as the massive feminist demonstrations of March 8th of 2018 and 2019 showed, and I would dare to say that much of its success is due to the popularity of the ecofeminist message and the slogan “put life at the center”… Continue reading