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Essay of the Day: Crypto Enlightenment and the Social Theory of Blockchains

Article: Crypto Enlightenment: A Social Theory of Blockchains. By Melanie Swan. Interesting take that does not necessarily a right-libertarian approach to blockchain technology. Here is the summary followed by two excerpts. Summary: “There is something new and fundamental happening in the world which could be the start of the next enlightenment period. The core of… Continue reading

DAO’s and increased social inequality

David Solomonoff, who monitors the intersection between the real and the virtual, cites the article by David Morris (in Aeon magazine) who writes about the Decentralized Autonomous Corporations that operate with minimal human intervention after being put in motion: “In the allegedly imminent world of the Internet of Things … these autonomous cloud robots will… Continue reading

The key social innovation behind the blockchain: from the invisible hand to the visible hand

In old security models, you tried to lock out all of the greedy, dishonest people. Bitcoin, on the other hand, welcomes everyone, fully expecting them to act in their own self-interest, and then it uses their greed to secure the network. In many of my lectures, I try to explain the following to highlight the… Continue reading

The Next Step for Digital Currencies

“With these learnings from the Bitcoin experiment, I would like to propose a new model for digital currency. The question is how make the issuance of and access to money egalitarian on the one hand, yet also regulate the money supply in an organic, decentralized way.” Today’s national and supranational currencies have become a blight… Continue reading

Rebuilding care services: could social co-operatives be the answer?

Pat Conaty writes for The Guardian on how a democratic ownership model could help improve public trust in social care. Source – Hardly a month goes by without another scare story about aspects of our health and care services. The prosecutions at Winterbourne View, and the massive collapse and public sector rescue of Southern… Continue reading

Will Bitcoin and Other Insurgent Currencies Reinvent Commerce?

Source : This and other questions are addressed in “The Weightless Marketplace:  Coming to Terms with Innovative Payment Systems, Digital Currencies and Online Labor Markets,” a just-released report that I wrote for the Aspen Institute’s Communications and Society Program. The report distills the more salient points raised at a three-day conference last August that… Continue reading

Arguments for Demurrage-Based Post-Growth Currencies

Erik Curren, explaining the proposals of Charles Eisenstein on Demurrage: “Our economy cannot function without growth because most money is not printed by governments, as people usually imagine, but is instead loaned into existence by central banks and commercial lenders, who can loan out ten dollars or more for every dollar they’re required to have… Continue reading

Towards biodiversity in currencies

Specifically, I believe that we need to support the introduction and expansion of three different kinds of currencies alongside our national currencies: (1) an inflation-proof global complementary currency designed to stabilize the world economy; (2) business-to-business currencies designed to counteract the effects of conventional money shortages during periods of economic crises and contraction; and (3)… Continue reading

The Demonetization Agenda – replacing transactions with social relations

Republished from Stefan Meretz: “The question of how we deal with and act within the given monetary environment is crucial for the commons movement, since the monetary logic and the commons logic are opposites. Contrary to the claims of mainstream economics, money is not neutral or simply an informational means for mediating transactions. Thus, replacing… Continue reading

Project of the Day: Complementary Currencies for Sustainability

Gill Seyfang, Principal Investigator, explains the research project: “New research to study the growth and diffusion of complementary currencies (new forms of money) around the world, and produce policy and practice lessons to harness these grassroots innovations for sustainability. This two year research project is led by Gill Seyfang at UEA and funded by the… Continue reading