Co-ops Need Leaders, Too

Originally posted on Medium on 21st January 2019. I frequently encounter a notion, among those drawn to cooperatives, that a cooperative should be an amorphous, faceless collective in which old-world skills and norms of leadership can be discarded. How does this work out for them? Not well. Usually one of two entirely predictable things happens… Continue reading

Digital Democracy and Data Commons (DDDC) a participatory platform to build a more open, transparent and collaborative society.

Originally posted on LabGov.City on 21st February 2019, written by Monica Bernardi, The Urban Media Lab The interest for citizens co-production of public services is increasing and many digital participatory platforms (DPPs) have been developed in order to improve participatory democratic processes. During the Sharing City Summit in Barcelona last November we discovered the DDDC, i.e. the Digital… Continue reading

Multilateralism and the Commons

What a pleasant surprise to learn that some people at the United Nations – specifically, its Inter-Parliamentary Union – want to know more about how commons might be relevant to the “multilateral system” of international governance and assistance.    I was happy to oblige by participating on a conference panel last Friday, February 22, called… Continue reading

Welcome to Regen Network

Michel Bauwens: I very strongly believe this is one of the key solutions for climate change mitigation, and more generally, about creating ‘circular finance’ mechanisms, i.e. rewarding generative, rather than extractive activity. Capitalism rewards extractive activities, but has a great structural difficulty in financing generative impacts. One of the potential solutions are ‘circular finance’ mechanisms,… Continue reading

The Seven Super Powers of Futurists

This post by Sohail Inayatullah is republished from Journal of Future Studies When tomorrow is just like today, boredom can result. We seek novelty. However, in this phase in human history, tomorrow will certainly not be like today. Indeed, we are in the midst of dramatic social and technological change. This includes: A demographic shift… Continue reading

78 Questions to Ask about Any Technology

Republished from “78 Reasonable Questions to Ask about Any Technology” is from the book “Turning Away from Technology” by Stephanie Mills and originally derived from 76 questions that were written by Jacques Ellul.A great video commentary by Jacques Ellul called “The Betrayal by Technology” can be found here. A print version (PDF) of these… Continue reading

Culture For The Many? Intellectual Property and Financing ‘Our’ Cultural Commons

This post by CultureBankED / Liam Murphy is republished from   Photo by Ron Guest 1. Versions Of Culture Nothing, beyond the natural world happens ‘outside of culture’ and even our basic elements of existence — atoms, cells, time, chemistry, etc can be fundamentally manipulated and altered by it. For that reason, defining what we mean by… Continue reading