2018 and Onward: Where we are at with Platform Cooperativism

By Trebor Scholz. Originally published in Platform.Coop Friends, This has been a difficult but also consequential year for many of us. Beyond the political chaos, we bore witness to the “Death of Tumblr,” the pushback against Upwork’s time-tracking software, and compelling scholarly analysis of Uber’s role in the labor market. Facebook gave Netflix and Spotify access to the private messages of… Continue reading

How a water war in Bolivia led to the reversal of privatization

This article was adapted from our latest book, “Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons.” Download your free pdf copy today. Johannes Euler: In Cochabamba, Bolivia, the lack of water has caused conflicts for decades. In 1999, Cochabamba’s public water supplier, SEMAPA, was leased to the international consortium Aguas del Tunari. The major shareholder of the consortium was the… Continue reading

Eleftherios Diakomichalis on Oscoin: A P2P Alternative for OSS Collaboration

New ways to collaborate on code Oscoin: Principles & Motivation When we started Oscoin, our motivation was guided by the observation that crypto-currencies could enable a new form of community-owned and operated network. The invention of digital scarcity1 made it possible to economically incentivize and remunerate network participants for their service in a simple,transparent way,… Continue reading

Book of the Day: Better Work Together – How the power of community can transform your business

Enspiral is a community of impact driven entrepreneurs experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing and organisational design. After nearly a decade of testing and growing ideas, this is their first collectively written book. Sharing vision, reflections and insights, this practical resource will help you create radically collaborative, innovative and caring… Continue reading

Creating the everyday commons: The need to consider space in sharing initiatives

Eleni Katrini: Analysis: Imagine living in a neighborhood where you can learn from your neighbors, grow your own food, participate in your child’s education, and invest back to your community’s well-being through your daily transactions. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in or already involved in a community garden, daycare cooperative, trade school, tool… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Open and Collaborative Developments

Open and Collaborative Developments by Patrick Van Zwanenberg, Mariano Fressoli, Valeria Arza, Adrian Smith and Anabel Marin. Download PDF Experimentation with radically open and collaborative ways of producing knowledge and material artefacts can be found everywhere – from the free/libre and open-source software movement to citizen science initiatives, and from community-based fabrication labs and makerspaces to the production of… Continue reading

Unions and the Gig-Economy: The Case of AirBnB

In this article, reposted from Socialist Project, Steven Tufts examines union reactions to sharewashing platforms. Steven Tufts: The so-called gig-economy is celebrated, maligned, fetishized, and qualified by analysts. Whether it is called the collaborative, platform, crowd-sourcing, or sharing-economy, the rise of peer-to-peer exchanges does raise important questions for workers. Do emerging ‘sharing-economy’ platforms such as Uber and Airbnb mark… Continue reading