Oakland, California Declares Climate Emergency

Originally published on Commondreams.org Andrea Germanos: Tackling ‘Urgency and Scale” of Crisis, Oakland, Calif. Declares Climate Emergency. City council passed resolution Tuesday endorsing declaration of a climate emergency and calling for just transition. The Oakland Climate Action Coalition claimed victory Tuesday night after the California city passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency and committing… Continue reading

Peer-to-peer-commons – The historical ‘third movement’ of radical science? It can only get better

Originally published 18 September 2018 at foprop.org Mike Hales: When I first read Gary Werskey’s 2007 ‘three movements’ article – four years ago – I was sceptical. He discussed two British movements of radicals around science, in the 30s-40s and the 70s-80s, and speculated on the possibility of a third (which might possibly have an… Continue reading

Is the world you long for screen-based?

Originally posted by Gaiafoundation.org In this interview, Claire Milne, Inner Transition Coordinator for the Transition Network, discusses the addictive qualities of digital technologies, how we can make peace with them in our own lives, and how to repurpose these technologies for the transition to a more just, caring and ecological future. On 20th November, Claire… Continue reading

Essay of the day: When Ostrom Meets Blockchain: Exploring the Potentials of Blockchain for Commons Governance

When Ostrom Meets Blockchain: Exploring the Potentials of Blockchain for Commons Governance, a working paper/preprint by David Rozas, Antonio Tenorio-Fornés, Silvia Díaz-Molina and Samer Hassan. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Abstract Blockchain technologies have generated excitement, yet their potential to enable new forms of governance remains largely unexplored. Two confronting standpoints dominate the emergent debate around… Continue reading

North Korea and ‘The Commons’: Blank slate for a new kind of nation?

Is there another transition possible from state-based centralized planning systems, to something that would be different than a mere transition to extractive capitalism, which wreaked such havoc in the Eastern block, where life expectancy and health declined so dramatically after such a transition? Gorbachev wished for a cooperative transition which never came, and Cuba has… Continue reading

Resident-owned community

Jarrid Green: Resident-owned communities (ROCs) are manufactured housing neighborhoods (sometimes referred to as mobile home or trailer parks) in which the land is community-owned and managed. An estimated 18 million people who earn less than $28,000 a year (less than half the national household median income) live in manufactured housing. That makes it one of… Continue reading

A look at Ghent’s policy participation unit

Cross-posted from Shareable.net. This article was adapted from our latest book, “Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons.” Download your free pdf copy today. Ryan Conway:  The city of Ghent has a fairly long and developed tradition of citizen engagement. Advisory councils and public hearings, which were first introduced in the 1970s, evolved into more comprehensive approaches to community-based… Continue reading

The Response 3: The impact of Northern California fires on the undocumented community

Robert Raymond: The third episode of The Response travels to Northern California to provide a unique perspective on the topics of climate change and immigration. California’s climate-fueled weather conditions have left the state in an extreme condition that has led to an unprecedented number of wildfires that are burning hotter, faster, and ever more acreage. The largest… Continue reading

Project of the Day: Toys for Commoning

Reposted from ixdm.ch. The sustainable use and the organisation of common resources is highly complex. With the focus on alternative, utopia-inspired urban neighbourhood initiatives in Switzerland this research project proposes experimental design and inquiry into media-based thinking tools which will help to better illustrate, demonstrate and negotiate the complexity of these sharing processes. Commons are… Continue reading

Commoning and bootstrapping local to global economy redesign by REconomy practitioners

Nenad Maljković: This is an invitation and action call for you personally — just “observing” and “consuming” content will not do… Announcing Popping Bubbles workshop series and our first online Open Space event, part 2 (part 1, part 3) REconomy practitioners is virtual community of practice (CoP) of and for regenerative entrepreneurs and community organisers. We care about… Continue reading