Solidarity Economy Showcase: Shared Interest

The P2P Foundation is serializing videos on the Solidarity Economy produced by the SUSY (Sustainable and Solidarity Economy) Project. See all videos here. In the North East of England, the College team visited Shared Interest, a social enterprise based in Newcastle that uses the investments of individuals to make loans to Fairtrade producers around the… Continue reading

Michel Bauwens On Value Regimes And Where Your Job Might Be Going In The Future

Society is shifting from a production modus based on value created in a market system (through labor and capital) to one which recognizes broader value streams. These streams are experienced as ‘contributions’ to structures based on the co-construction of shared resources, also known as ‘commons’. Show Notes: Michel Bauwens: Four Scenarios for the Collaborative Economy… Continue reading

Cooperativism in the digital era, or how to form a global counter-economy

The aim is to go beyond the classical corporate paradigm, and its extractive profit-maximizing practices, toward the establishment of open cooperatives that cultivate a commons-oriented economy. Can we transform the renting economy of Uber and AirBnB into a genuine sharing one? Platform cooperatives must become open and commons-oriented. Text by Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Kostakis: If… Continue reading

In defence of degrowth: 27 Essays and Thoughts on Degrowth

A collection of essays, blogposts and newspaper articles authored by Giorgos Kallis and edited by Aaron Vansintjan: The idea of degrowth is contentious, often misunderstood, and (perhaps paradoxically) growing in popularity. In this book, Giorgos Kallis, one of the movement’s leading thinkers, presents an accessible, inspiring, and enjoyable defense. The book’s chapters—a compilation of his opinion essays,… Continue reading