John Restakis on the emergence of social care coops

Guerrilla Translation’s transcript of the 2013 C-Realm Podcast Bauwens/Kleiner/Trialogue prefigures many of the directions the P2P Foundation has taken in later years. To honor its relevance we’re curating special excerpts from each of the three authors. First up, John Restakis describes the transformation of the traditional cooperative model into today’s growing Social Coop movement. John… Continue reading

Culture eats coops for breakfast

How evolving organisational culture in cooperatives is a powerful lever to create the new social paradigm the world needs. This article is based on a presentation given at Disrupting the Disruptors Platform Coop conference, 9 September 2017, Toronto. Chloe Waretini: You might have heard the saying ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ It’s the idea that… Continue reading

International Workshop on the Commons and Political Theory: 13-15 September 2017, Thessaloniki

We are very excited to share with you the programme of the first international workshop on the Commons and Political theory, organised by  ‘Heteropolitics: Refiguring the Common and the Political’ research project, lead by the PI Prof. Alexandros Kioukpiolis in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. This workshop will be adressing several thematics around commons and… Continue reading

Autogestió: adventures into the new economies of Catalonia

In May 2015 we posted this crowdfund appeal from Enfable for a film including a discussion of the CIC (Cooperativa Integral Catalonia), and now here is the final film. Catalonia is at the forefront of new economic thinking. They are a region rich in social currencies and in projects and people creating functioning post-capitalist societies…. Continue reading

The Financialization of Life

Not everyone is aware that technology is not neutral, and that design decisions reflect interests and values. This is of course very clear with Bitcoin and the Blockchain, which carries within itself a vision of human society that is based on isolated individuals that make contracts with other.At the P2P Foundation, we’d like to point… Continue reading