An Economy of Meaning, or Bust

Current economic systems are dismal because they waste our precious time. We can pause to reevaluate, and redesign.  This post by John Boik is republished from   John Boik: It’s not often that a scientist gets to use the words love, creativity, and wisdom in a paper, especially when writing about economics. Perhaps that’s… Continue reading

A Noopolitik for the Global Commons

Twenty years ago we proposed noöpolitik (nü-oh-poh-li-teek) as a new approach for American information strategy (1999). According to our argument, strategists will have to rethink what is “information” and see that a new realm is emerging — the noosphere, a global “realm of the mind” — that will profoundly affect statecraft. and its preference for… Continue reading

SAVE, CODE, SHARE! Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software. Take action now!

Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software. Take action now to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online! The P2P Foundation supports the SAVE, CODE, SHARE campaign to defend our Internet sovereignty and digital collaborative spaces. Click here to sign as an individual or organization. The letter below, along with the signatures signatures, will be… Continue reading

Censorship machines are coming: It’s time for the free software community to discover its political clout

Continuing our coverage of the European Parliament’s heinous proposition for filtering uploaded content, Julia Reda writes about the disturbing consequences it could have for FLOSS projects. Julia Reda: Free software development as we know it is under threat by the EU copyright reform plans. The battle on the EU copyright reform proposal continues, centering on the plan to… Continue reading

Sharon Ede on “Cosmo-localisation” in the New Economy

Karun Cowper speaks with urbanist, activist and “Audacities” initiator Sharon Ede on “cosmo-localisation” in the New Economy in Australia and beyond. About Sharon Ede Sharon is an urbanist and activist who works to build the sharing/collaborative movement in Australia and beyond. In 2017, she established AUDAcities, a catalyst for relocalising production of food, energy and fabrication in cities,… Continue reading