P2P Money Inquiry

At http://barcampbank.com, we’re trying an open research social media experiment, called an Organized Inquiry where we query many different online communities about a subject that is related to their interests (in this case, were asking questions related to the possible creation of an open source software tool for money pooling and revenue sharing).

So here are the questions we’re asking:

Are you part of a virtual community, do you feel a need for pooling financial resources or sharing revenues?

If yes, what solutions are you currently using for achieving this?


Do you participate in a project that could use a platform implementing payment pooling and revenue sharing?

If you are not satisfied with current solutions, what are the key features that are missing?

this is part of an Organized Inquiry at http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?EN/BarCampBank/P2PMoney/P2PMoneyOrganizedInquiry

Any and all feedback welcomed. Thank you!

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