P2P Funded project: Understanding Today’s Economic Transformation

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Do you want to understand what is driving our evolving economy in a way that you can use today?

It is no longer news that the old economy is collapsing around us. But it is easy to miss the new economy that is emerging. This project will produce a guide that brings together research and a model into a set of literacies for understanding today’s changing global economy. This guide will be based on:

  1. research on today’s changing global economy as an evolving system.
  2. a complex systems simulation people can use to understand important dynamics transforming that system.

This work will draw on work from key thinkers in fields ranging from social media to economics (for example, Howard Rheingold, Douglas Rushkoff, Lawrence Lessig, Chris Anderson, and Elinor Ostrom).

Merging the work of these key thinkers with the dynamics of the model will reveal how what is collapsing creates opportunities for what is emerging. The resulting guide will provide you with scenarios and suggestions for creating strategies to help you move forward in the new economy.

The Creative Team

Future Forward Institute:  http://futureforwardinstitute.com

  • Sam Rose is an expert in open-source software, hardware, open data and open knowledge background. Sam has participated in curriculum development, research and real world implementation in the areas discussed in this proposal.
  • Richard C. Adler is an electronic records archivist, former Borders buyer/merchandiser, and information culture historian who bring a historical perspective on the long-term trends and pivotal events that created the old economy and what factors may influence the creation of the economy to come.
  • Paul B. Hartzog is a scholar of panarchy, complex systems, emergence, ecology, cooperation, commons, culture, politics, economics, and social theory.


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