P2P Foundation what is it good for?

Hey people,

We need feedback. Reflection is essential.

We’re doing an end of year round of questions on checking with you on our mission and what we produce. Pretty please could you answer a few questions to let us know what you think. We will do a follow up post on reflecting on your answers. 2011 has been a tumultuous year of change. I won’t go into details as, well, it’s not the end of December yet.

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  1. AvatarBen

    I believe the most important part of a P2P Foundation is creating a plausible vision for a new form of organizing social life. It should serve as a knowledge and interaction base where we go to discover different projects and movements that are working toward this goal. It would be great if there was a Reddit-like forum where discussions can take place and are ranked according to community importance.

  2. AvatarMichel Bauwens

    hi Ben, I would love this reddit functionality, but am a little overwhelmed myself … Nicolas Mendoza wants this too … if you have any recommendations, or could implement a channel, let us know,


  3. AvatarGreg Wendt

    Thank you P2P for recognizing the value of the relationships in the network. The higher the quality of connectivity, and the more connected we are we accelerate toward the Tipping Point for a group global brainstorm – the ultimate intelligent network – emergent healing narratives to reboot the sourcecode of global civilization for increasing happiness and well being for the thriving of all life , deepening relationships, and expanding creativity, knowledge, and consciousness. May we all embrace our roles as evangelists for this new intelligent love emerging in the heart of humanity!

  4. AvatarAmaia

    I am not sure what the Foundation is good for at the moment. I know that, evidently, it should be good at presenting p2p theory in an accessible, clear and concise way. It should also be good at being able to reach all audiences. One cannot expect to preach horizontality and solutions for a common future in obscure formats and elitist language. The Foundation should have a standard, and dare I say it attractive, 21st century website with a clear menu (and calls to action) and levels of complexity in order to cater to all audiences (ie those looking for basic information, those looking for academic research, those looking to network with likeminded individuals and organisations, those looking to be inspired, etc) and fulfil its inherent advocacy and outreach role.

  5. AvatarMarc Lucas

    Amaia makes some very good points, similar to ones I raised with Michel some time ago but much, much more eloquently.

    I do understand that you are well placed and more than able to present the case to an engaged and interested audience and that this audience in turn should then be in position to disseminate to a wider and broader audience but I don’t see this happening.

    A “21st century”, “attractive”, accessible interface could make a huge difference to achieving your mission. Obviously the intellectual foundation needs to remain but to achieve the mass participation that is required attractiveness and accessibility are key factors – let’s call it a “man on the street” face of the P2P Foundation.

    Best wishes.

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