P2P Foundation 2014 in Review Part 3 – What our friends have been doing

Continuing with our review of 2014 we invited some of our friends to share with you some of the wonderful work they have been doing throughout the year.

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Albert Cañigueral

1) what did you do in 2014, related to p2p/commons work

– I kept developing materials around the Collaborative Economy in Spanish language via OuiShare, ConsumoColaborativo and by publishing the book “Vivir mejor con menos”. Due to conflicts with incumbent industries the topic was regularly covered by press and other media.

– I kept co-developing the Spanish speaking community of OuiShare. At the end of 2014 we finally became a non-profit association in Spain in order to engage in larger projects. We had our first events in México.

– I had a minor role on bootstrapping Sharitories.net project that gained a lot of moment on late 2014

– I started to be more involved with policy related topics such as EESC opinion paper on collaborative consumption.

2) what are your plans and projects for 2015 – 2016 // I need to figure this out! 🙂

– OuiShare will organize a large scale event in Spain on 2015 to consolidate the local communities.

– We are developing the initial version of a MOOC around the collaborative economy (in Spanish). There will be a focus on education materials generation (ideally co-created) under OuiShare Academy umbrella.

– I will spend some time in Latin America, very likely Bogotá and México.

– There will be local (May) and national (~November) elections in Spain on 2015. Collaborative economy will be part of the debate and we plan to have an active role on this debate.

Nicholas Anastasopoulos

1) what did you do in 2014, related to p2p/commons work

2014 included research and collaboration among commons oriented peers which took place in Quito and Athens, an extraordinarily inspiring year for which I am proud.

I had the good fortune to conduct research as Prometeo Researcher in Quito and be part for four months of the FLOK Society Project <http://en.wiki.floksociety.org/w/Main_Page> team where collaborative spirit sparked off a variety of ideas and projects not only in Ecuador but worldwide, the effects of which we will be witnessing in the years to come. I conducted research on the topic of Sustainability, Buen Vivir and the Commons, the fruits of which were presented in a lecture and feed various papers.

Back at home the /Koino Athina <http://koinoathina.wordpress.com/>/ (Commons Athens) collective which we co-founded in January has been developing research-oriented activities around the urban reality of the Athens around various axes and aspects of the commons (koino=commons).

2) what are your plans and projects for 2015 – 2016

Organizing of the MET Workshop addressing the idea of the METropolitan commons and centered around three ex-airports and their futures, in three cities (Mariscal-Sucre/Quito, Elliniko/ Athens, Tempelhof/ Berlin). This workshop is an outcome of all the various discussions, meetings and connections that were produced in 2014 around these issues. Preliminary information for the workshop, which will soon become an open call in a P2P collaborative process may be found here <http://themetworkshop.wordpress.com/>.

I also plan to complete during the first two months my book in greek to be published in 2015 with the Estia publishing house, which reflects my research of many years and treats the areas of research around ecocommunities, communities and the commons.

Cheers! -N.

(writing this as I am packing and getting ready to leave on Saturday for three weeks of writing work in the Guapamacataro <http://www.guapamacataro.org/> center in Michoacán, Mexico).

Marc Dangeard, Entrepreneur Commons

1) what did you do in 2014, related to p2p/commons work

Entrepreneur Commons is on hold for now as chapters have disbanded one after the other after I stopped working on it to take care of personal stuff. There is still some activity in London and I have not given up on re-starting the process later on.

As I moved back to France this year I also made contacts there to raise interest around CommonAccord, a Law Commons bringing the Open Source model to Legal docs (Law is Code).

2) what are your plans and projects for 2015 – 2016

Talking to a French organization who is just starting a program to help students from the suburbs who want to start their own business. They have the concept equivalent to “Entrepreneur Commons by Company_name) so I would like to take this opportunity to get Entrepreneur Commons going again.

And then I will keep pushing CommonAccord as I am convinced this is a much needed solution and very well suited for entrepreneurs getting started with their business. I was very happy to see that others in this group are involved in CommonAccord as well.


Primavera De Filippi

1) what did you do in 2014, related to p2p/commons work

  • Work on the P2Pvalue project analysing the institutional design characteristics of CBPP communities and software platforms based on decentralized architectures and bottom-up peer-to-peer coordination, and extracting the most important ones that we compiled into a set of guidelines or best-practices.

2) what are your plans and projects for 2015 – 2016

  • keep doing what I’ve been doing in 2014, but better  😉
  • get more involved with the work that is being done at FairCoop (http://fair.coop) which is fascinating  🙂

Joel Dietz, Swarm project

1) what did you do in 2014, related to p2p/commons work

Switched from community currency project (Evergreen) to cryptoledger crowdfunding project (SWARM). Fundamental idea is that it allows multi-stakeholder arrangements and more rapid funding via issuing each person a share in a project, powered by the 2.0 wave of blockchain technology. Currently largest barriers are regulatory, and we also need more funding to scale out our team.

2) what are your plans and projects for 2015 – 2016

Early adopters (and funders) have almost been from the crypto in-crowd, but I want to facilitate the adoption of these dynamic multi-stakeholder arrangements in the larger “sharing economy,” especially among those most discontent with the current venture capital model. At some point I would also like to re-add the “community currency” aspect to it, so that you could create your own internal currency that is secured by blockchain technology but easily transferable.

I also believe one major component here is going to be reputational systems, which I am excited to contribute to in some fashion.

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