P2P Cooperation in 3D: Open Croquet

Philippe Van Nedervelde informs us:

“Michel, given your interest in P2P technologies… as well as your perennial interest in virtual reality… it is my pleasure to introduce you to Alan Kays’ Croquet Project. It may very well become the new web… finally fully in 3D. Launch of V 1.0 is imminent: 26 January.

For a world-class introduction to this fascinating new development in the online collaboration universe, please first watch the preview video by Julian Lombardi (with associated powerpoint) at any of the following three links:

– the webcast — The link is in red and reads MEDIASITE VERSION — “The Croquet Project”. The Flash version right under that works just as well.

– see also this link
– flash demo — The link is in blue near the top and reads “View Presentation”

Next, you may want to check out the following about pages, one and two

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