P2P Authors talking about their books

From David Levine’s Hearsay Culture interview program, and other sources including our own directories on books, podcasts and webcasts, we have selected for you, a series of authors passionately talking about their books.

If you have little time to read, but can spend time listening during your commute or otherwise, this will provide you with many hours of interesting listening and watching experience.

For fast access, use this page here.

Here’s the list, please do suggest others:

1. Cass Sunstein on Infotopia
2. Charles Leadbeater on We Think
3. Chris Anderson on the Emergence of Free
4. Christopher Kelty on Free Software as Culture
5. Clay Shirky on Here Comes Everybody
6. Daniel Solove on the Future of Reputation
7. David Brin on the Transparent Society
8. David Korten on The Great Turning
9. David Weinberger on Everything Is Miscellaneous
10. Douglas Rushkoff on Corporatism
11. Erik Davis on TechGnosis
12. Interview with Mark Anielski on the Economics of Happiness
13. Joanna Demers on Steal This Music
14. John Thackara on Participatory Design for a Complex World, on the book “In the Bubble”
15. John Willinsky on The Access Principle
16. Jonathan Zittrain on the Future of the Internet
17. Julian Dibbell on Play Money
18. Kristin Lord on the Perils of Global Transparency
19. Matt Mason on the Pirate’s Dilemma
20. Paul Duguid on the Social Life of Information
21. Richard Lanham on the Economics of Attention
22. Robert Markley on Virtual Realities and Their Discontents
23. Rod Beckstrom on The Starfish and the Spider
24. Steven Weber on the Success of Open Source
25. Terry Fisher on Promises to Keep
26. Tim Wu on Who Controls The Internet
27. Yochai Benkler on the Wealth of Networks

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