Osiris software – Establish serverless p2p communications portals

Our activities on the net are being closely monitored and there are plans in several countries to allow governments to shut down communications, as recently happened in Egypt. Tools are needed to help circumvent such blocks, so as to keep communications going even in adverse conditions. While hardware is an important choke point – physical connections can be severed – software is no less important. As the attempt to suppress Wikileaks has shown, taking an internet address off line is quite possible, but the direct connections of p2p are less susceptible to such disturbance.

Osiris is a freely downloadable piece software that could help make the internet more resilient. The program allows the establishment of portals of communication that do not reside on servers. An entire portal, which could be a website or a forum, is locally duplicated on each member’s computer. This allows off-line reading and only requires connecting to the internet to obtain the latest version, or to publish a change, which then propagates among the users as connectivity allows.

For now, the software is proprietary, but there are plans to release it as an open source project. There are versions for Windows and Linux, and a Mac version is in preparation.

Osiris is a free portal creation software. The portals created with osiris don’t need a central server, they are safe, indestructible and anonymous. In those portals, all users have the same rights, so the standard hierarchies (administrators, moderators, members) of regular forums are not present, even if they are supported.

More information about the features of portals built with Osiris…

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