The Origin of Spaces: Bordeaux

#OOS BORDEAUX: Ecological Transition

“We wanted Darwin to be about inventing new ways of working, new ways of doing business, new ways of enjoying life. It was about reinventing the city. From the outset, our ambitions came up against the limits imposed by environmental concerns, at a time of major upheaval, resource shortages, and, whatever some might say, ever-mounting greenhouse gas emissions. A word in which efforts to curb travel have failed and food security is at stake. We can’t think about the city, about new ways of working, new types of business, or new kinds of leisure activities without looking at their environmental impact. This is what we are trying to do at Darwin: question these effects, question the consequences of our acts on a daily basis. So we decided to seek the best ways of going about limiting such impacts.”*

– Jean Marc Gancille, Darwin and Evolution co-founder

Organisations from five European countries have joined forces on a three year journey to share existing know-how and explore new practices related to coworking ecosystems. The information you are about to discover will help explain why we believe that coworking and the creation of multidisciplinary creative clusters (also known as ecosystems or the Third Place) provide an innovative approach for European entrepreneurs and professionals to work collaboratively through improved communication and networking, in order to create new economic opportunities and benefit society. Find out more about the #OOSEU project here.

*Transcribed from the English subtitles in the OOS YouTube video


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  1. AvatarFred Garnett

    Made as part of the Origin of Spaces #oosEU project with Pula, Bilbao, Lisboa & Lewisham (London).
    More resources & films on the Toolbox. Not just Ecological Transitions Open Source resources but also for #socent, Participatory Governance, Local Partnerships & Multidisciplinary CoWorking at LX Factory; use as you like

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