Open Tech Forever is now Open Tech Collaborative

Great news from our Friends at Open Tech Forever, who are now going by the name of Open Tech Collaborative.

The following is excerpted from their 2014 update.

“We’ve got some big announcements to kick off 2014!

First off, after much consideration and input from our supporters, we’ve officially revamped our name – we are now the Open Tech Collaborative! This reflects a move towards ‘radical collaboration’ that we will be focusing on in the new year. More on this in the coming weeks.

Next, we’ve totally overhauled our website! Please visit us at and have a click around. You’ll see a focus on transparency, with a new blog platform and detailed mission statement highlighting our goals, team and outlook. Soon we’ll be releasing an online tool for collaborating with us directly, and a store for buying products currently under development.

Next, we’d like to announce that as of Jan 1st (the application deadline) the FOREVER HOME Design Challenge has received applications from 20 countries around the world! We’ve been overjoyed with the response, and are super excited to see what this diverse pool of designers come up with – winners will be selected after the submission deadline on Jan 21st.

Finally, we’ve released the first comprehensive post on the Open Source Beehives project from OSC team member Tristan, describing the project from inception to current status. Please have a look and let us know what you think!

Heres to the beginning of a big year in open source collaboration!”

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