Open Source hardware research: Pendulum pump

David Matos de Matos who is of Portuguese descent and lives in Angola, has earlier described a possible way to reverse entropy using hydraulics (see Thermoenergetics: Can Hydraulics Reverse Entropy?). David has now come up with a simple idea of making use of gravity and a pendulum, together with hydraulics, to produce a useful pump that may function with comparatively very little energy input.


David’s pendulum hydro pump concept is simple and can be built by everyone. It is based on the idea of Serbian inventor, Veljko Milkovich, who says that a suitably heavy pendulum will exercise a greater tug on its pivot point than is necessary to expend in order to keep it swinging. The basic idea is described in this PESWiki article:

Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator

Here is what David says about his invention:

“I [have] just come up with the pendulum hydro pump.

Similar to Milkovic´s device it may be an over unity machine.

I tried with a rudimentary setup in springs, with a rigid rod firmly tied to the bearing. The swing of the pendulum was steady. Looked like the force on the springs where the same on both legs. I did not find any vibrations on the pendulum and the amplitude behaved like the schematic showed on the website.

The pendulum keeps swinging, with the pivot making a parabola. It looks like, if we extend an imaginary line from the rod up, it will have an imaginary fixed pivot.

I am setting up everything for a prototype. Let´s see how it goes.

I am inviting everybody to build small prototypes because we will have different perspectives and improve it.

I am not filing a patent, and wish that a lot of water pumps being installed in Africa, the most needed good in this continent.

You can find more information and can get in contact with David by going to the blog, he made to get out the word on this idea.

The pump can work using either air or water as a working liquid. The illustration here below depicts an air compressing variation of the pump. Anyone mechanically inclined, please consider trying this out and report findings.


As an open source effort this may turn out to be a kind of technology that is simple enough to be usefully employ in places that are in need of water pumps but don’t have electricity…

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2 Comments Open Source hardware research: Pendulum pump

  1. AvatarJoe Rinehart

    Perpetually motion machines? Really? This isn’t to say that they I completely disbelieve that they one day could exist, but is the P2P blog really the appropriate place for a machine that claims such a major breakthrough to be posted? It is far more likely that this machine is a hoax (or that, as in the example of a heat pump that it does work, but does not subvert the second law of thermodynamics). Either way posting claims about the invalidity of the second law without substantial back up is decreases the credibility of this site.

  2. AvatarMichel Bauwens

    Dear Joe: I have been on the road, still am, and unable to red through in detail the guest postings. Sepp’s work on p2p infrastructures has been excellent in the past, but we do not agree on everything. What is relevant here, in our context, is perhaps not the full scientific claims, which may be doubtful, but that they’re using open source hardware, thus it is related to the trends we monitor.

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