Open source for the classroom

A message from Steve Hargadon, Founder of Classroom 2.0:

Because I’m a passionate advocate for Free and Open Source Software in K-12, I’ve been feeling for a while that the time is right for a stand-alone social network around its use. There is a good K-12 Open Source group within the Classroom 2.0 community, but groups don’t have the same full
functionality as stand-alone networks, and also don’t have the same visibility. So I’ve done some reconfiguring with my domain, creating a collaborative site which I hope will help to build the Free and Open Source Software ecosystem in K-12. The wiki that was previously there is now at, and I’ve set up a Ning community just for Open Source in K-12 at

I hope you’ll come join the community and help to build it.

More info here.

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