Open Source Ecology project looking for volunteers

Marcin Jakubowski’s OSE is still the most important P2P experiment in the world, and he is looking for volunteers and other forms of support.

Here’s the latest message with full details and links.

And here’s a description of the project is at Appropedia.

Marcin writes:

We’re looking for volunteers, and if our funding goals succeed, we will provide a $400 stipend. Let us know if you’d like to come here. Sasha wrote an excellent post on our work as well. Please spread the word on finding people. Remember that we are supported entirely by volunteer efforts.

It’s exciting and difficult work. Decision forks and dangers abound. We are up on our feet, and feel like we’re making history. We could taste the sweet flavor of progress for the common good – with the global community behind us. I wish I could communicate the feeling of historic events unfolding – starting to tap the potential of a globally-linked co-laboratory. Only a modicum of directed energy – integrated in a well-organized form – can change the world. Please contribute – we are collecting until the end of this month for the October cycle.”

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