The P2P Lab is happy to announce the results of the Open Call for Ideas in the context of the “Open Source Agriculture Workshop”.

The selection of the designers was made by members of the local community, informed by the following criteria:

  • Does the solution fit with the values and principles of small-scale farming systems?
  • Is the solution developed according to expressed user needs?
  • Is the solution easily reproduced and adaptable?

The selected designers who will lead the manufacturing of 4 prototypes during the workshop are:

  • Andrè Rocha, Adjunct Professor at ESELx-IPL and a senior product and interaction designer.
  • Aurèle Macé, Assistant Researcher in the Sony CSL Sustainability team with a focus on open-source robotic systems.
  • Iason Pantazis, Architect and co-founder of Fab Lab Ioannina.
  • Lakis Ioannou, Maker and beekeeper.

We wish to thank all applicants for their contributions. The workshop will take place from June 5 to June 9 at our rural makerspace “Tzoumakers” in Kalentzi, NW Greece. It will be open for everyone so we hope you join us!

This event is organised in the context of the Distributed Design Market Platform Creative Europe project.

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