Open legislation in Italy

Via Marco Fioretti:

“Two senators of the Italian Democratic party, Vincenzo Vita and Luigi Vimercati, have written a law proposal which defends Net Neutrality and promotes non proprietary formats and software in public administrations and Universities.

What is good, regardless of one’s political opinions, is the method: they put the whole text online on a public wiki, where everybody will be able to add comments, suggest amendments and so on.

The wiki address is

As far as I remember, this is one of the first times, if not the first time, that a law proposal is open to all citizens in this way here in Italy.

Of course, it’s not P2P in the complete sense, since the wiki is just to gather feedback: eventually, Vita and Vimercati will be the only ones to decide which text is actually proposed for voting to the Parliament. Still, it’s good that there *is* a really open consultation process and that at least that phase happens in a way that puts all participants on an equal basis. Let’s hope this becomes the rule here.”

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