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What if the internet could become an effective tool to bring people together in action? Not just let everyone know about what’s going on, but catalyze and help organize real world action. Some people think this is a worthwhile goal to strive for and they started a collaborative project to code this.

Open Action Network is an open source software project that will allow actions to be distinguished from other types of published content. The idea is to publish actions in a specific format which can be recognized across a network of participating sites. An action published on one site gets pushed out to the others, gets posted there, and the conversation that develops on those other sites is reported back to the originating point of posting.

Coordination of actions, participation in events, matching of calls for help with those willing to give a hand will be more effective once the project takes off. For now, this is in the idea stage and the team proposing to code it into practice needs your nurturing support.

Find our more about it on the Open Action Network site:

The Open Action Network initiative is just getting started. We need your help.

The general architecture is complete. We are now actively seeking funding through nonprofit partners so the web developers and designers can build the system and pay rent.

Below is a rough outline of the tasks at hand and the latest progress. Keep an eye on the blog for announcements.

Independent of the Open Action Network road map, developers are actively working on the foundational technologies like PubSubHubBub and Salmon Protocol.

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