One social web – linking social networks

One social web is an open source effort to make social networks compatible with each other.

“Social networks are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily communication. Yet they are closed environments that do not allow you to friend, message or share across networks.

We dream of a world where all social networks are connected and work together in One Social Web. The OneSocialWeb projects aims to define the language to bridge these networks and make it easy for social networks to join.

What makes our approach unique is that we use XMPP as the engine. Please check the Why use XMPP? section why we picked this.

This video (not linked to picture) introducing the idea of one social web can be found on their website

The project, according to their website, is initiated by Vodafone and it has been open sourced under an Apache 2 license.

To get more detail on where this is directed, check out this video interview of Laurent Eschenauer, architect on OneSocialWeb by Robert Scoble.

The state of the open social web with OneSocialWeb architect

The state of the open social web with OneSocialWeb architect

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