Olivier Malnuit’s ten commandments for the liberal communist

Here are these ten commandments according the french Technikart journalist:

(source: http://amormundi.blogspot.com/2006/04/zizek-on-tech-bloom.html)

1. You shall give everything away free (free access, no copyright); just charge for the additional services, which will make you rich.

2. You shall change the world, not just sell things.

3. You shall be sharing, aware of social responsibility.

4. You shall be creative: focus on design, new technologies and science.

5. You shall tell all: have no secrets, endorse and practise the cult of transparency and the free flow of information; all humanity should collaborate and interact

6. You shall not work: have no fixed 9 to 5 job, but engage in smart, dynamic, flexible communication

7. You shall return to school: engage in permanent education

8. You shall act as an enzyme: work not only for the market, but trigger new forms of social collaboration

9. You shall die poor: return your wealth to those who need it, since you have more than you can ever spend

10. You shall be the state: companies should be in partnership with the state.

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