OIKONOMOS – a documentary about transforming economics education

This is a film about the growing movement to transform economics education.

There is an increased criticism of economics and economists not adequately dealing with our societal issues, as most recently demonstrated by the global financial crisis. Voices are calling for change, and among that chorus there is a strong plea to make economics education more pluralist and related to the real world, giving economists-to-be a bigger toolbox and wider range of perspectives when dealing with increasingly complex economies and societies.

Around the world there is a growing movement working to change how we educate economics. This project attempts to tell the story of this movement, and asks why and how students, academics, educational institutions and citizens are working to make economics education more pluralist, updated and related to the real world.

The movement to change economics education is broad and diverse, with a variety of motivations and visions for change. A sample of these engaged people and organizations have participated in the film, and you can read about them at “Meet the Movement”.
“OIKONOMOS: transforming economics education” is a joint film and research project, made as part of Ingrid M. Rieser’s dissertation in the Economics for Transition MA at Schumacher College.”

Watch the video here:

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