Official launch of the Eco-Patent Commons

Forwarded announcement by Michael Maloney. For background see here.

Michael Maloney:

“the official launch of the Eco-Patent Commons (? was announced today by IBM and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development who, along with Nokia, Pitney Bowes, and Sony, are offering dozens of innovative, environmentally-responsible patents into the public domain.

Unrestricted availability of these patents will encourage researchers, entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes in any industry to create, apply, and further develop their consumer or industrial products, processes, and services in a way that will help to protect and respect the environment.

Here are some examples of what the IBM patents and patents from others may
enable others to do:

– Implement a process that uses ozone to replace harsh chemicals in safely producing TV screens, camera optics, eyeglasses and contact lenses

– Use recyclable and biodegradeable packaging material to better protect delicate items during shipping

– Implement a process to reduce harmful emissions from factories and cars

– Create new electronics products such as clocks, calculators and PDAs from cellphone components

We think this initiative demonstrates a unique stance being taken by IBM and these other organizations to help drive collaborative innovation to solve environmental challenges. For more information, please visit the WBCSD site and read the complete press release . And to view a video highlighting the Eco-Patent Commons and some of the patented innovations IBM has pledged, visit YouTube.

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