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Link: Odd Wiki SocialSynergy: WiredNewsWiki.

Wired News has teamed up with Social Text to create WikiNews site. Quoted from Wired Wiki:

In an experiment in collaborative journalism, Wired News is putting reporter Ryan Singel at your service.

This wiki began as an unedited 1,059 word article on the wiki phenomenon, exactly as Ryan filed it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do the job of a Wired News editor and whip it into shape. Don’t change the quotations, but feel free to reorganize it, make cuts, smooth the prose, or add links – whatever it takes to make it a lively, engaging news piece.

You should consider Ryan at your disposal. He’ll answer questions from the Comments page, and, when consensus calls for it, conduct additional reporting. If there’s something he missed, let him know, and he’ll get on the phone and investigate, then submit new text to the wiki for your review.

Editors who Register with the Wired Wiki will be listed on a credit page. We’ll release the edited story under a Creative Commons license and, if the whole thing doesn’t turn into a disaster, run it on Wired News on September 7th.�

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