On October 15th people will jump together to the streets and squares united by the desire of a global change. It will be the first worldwide citizenmovilization in our planet, to say ‘enough is enough’ to the elites that govern us, and to start building new ways of organizing ourselves.

It is us, the people of the world, the ones who should be deciding the destiny of the world!

300 cities in more than 45 countries all around the globe have already joined (http://map.15october.net). On that day debates, protests, actions, performances and assemblies will cover all our planet. Organized by thousands of people holding assemblies in the streets and communicating through the net, it will not be just a common demonstration, we will meet on the streets to know each other and to organize a worldwide network to begin the change. It is time to unite and work together!

In order to promote and discuss these activities before October 15th, everyone is encouraged to participate and to organize local meetings the days 8th and 9th, to fix the details and discuss the preparation of the events for the 15th. Simultaneously, there will be availabe channels of chat [1], audio-chat [2], video chat [3] to talk everyone together, and a collaborative document [4] to compile in a permanent way the information of each place for the 15th.
During 48 hours people from all the world will be able of talking about the ideas and activities decided in their squares with every other single person in the world. All the channels will be open for everybody… just participate!

The world is getting ready, this will not be just one more mobilization, we are reinventing ourselves, and will reinvent the world… It will be a day to unite all the people together. What happens then will just depend on each one of us!

To spread the call, keep forwarding this info to your contacts!


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