Occupy Demographics and Political Participation Survey

Source: OccupyResearch Survey Team

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The OccupyResearch network is pleased to launch this exciting survey,
which aims to create a better understanding of who engages with the
Occupy movement, and how — it includes questions about media,
communication, political activities, and more. The survey is open to
people living in any country, regardless of their level of involvement
with the Occupy movement. The more people we can reach with this survey,
the better we can reflect on this exciting time — so we invite you to
spread the word. You can pitch in by:

  • Posting it on social networks
  • Sharing it with your local Occupy activists and groups
  • Contacting or starting a research working group at an Occupy site
  • Conducting the survey yourself
  • Getting involved in a survey training workshop

Get started! Share this link to the survey with your networks:

At Occupy sites, the survey can either be conducted online, if internet access is available in the field, or on paper. For both scenarios, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to conducting the survey, including detailed directions, a script, important information regarding consent, and many useful pointers.

Download that guide as a PDF here: http://bit.ly/OccupyResearchSurveyandGuide.

Coming soon: Interactive training materials for surveyors, and on-the-ground training at Occupy sites! Get in touch with us at owsgeneralsu[email protected] and let us know how you’d like to be involved.

The survey is open until January 6, 2011. Once closed, the data will be publicly available through the OccupyResearch website. The survey is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 General License.

The survey is being conducted by the OccupyResearch Network (http://occupyresearch.net), which includes over 200 activists, academics, and researchers, and DataCenter (www.datacenter.org), a U.S. based research organization. For more information about who is involved, see http://occupyresearch.net/surveys.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this exciting project, and happy surveying!

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