An event organised by D-CENT.

18th April 2016
Conference at 9.00–13.30
Workshops (by invitation only) at 15.00–17.00
Venue: Italian Chamber of Deputies, Palazzo Montecitorio, Sala del mappamondo, Piazza di Monte Citorio, 33 Rome, Italy

“Organised on the 18th of April 2016, in Rome, Italy, the Network democracy and new forms of citizen participation event will gather politicians, activists, researchers and academics, civil society organizations, developers and hackers to discuss the future of direct democracy and citizen participation.

It will explore innovative methods and digital tools to strengthen large scale citizen participation in the political process at European level. We will also debate public policies at the municipal, national and European level to transform democratic participation and promote transparency to fight corruption and concentration of power within public institutions.

The debate starts from the assumption that our political institutions are in dire need of being updated as they are out of sync with 21st century technologies, standards and collective aspirations of citizenship. Democratic institutions have not been able to respond and adapt to new instances of participation, transparency and proximity brought by big grassroots democratic movements. This is well represented by the emergence of new citizen-led political movements that are challenging the institutional landscape as Podemos and M5S and that are bringing the question of radical democracy and transparency at the core of the political debate.

The crisis of political representation and legitimacy of existing institutions, the ongoing corruption scandals that reveal the complicity of the major political parties with the private interest of banks and multinationals, and the disaffection of the public with respect to politics can be transformed by formulating new democratic practices that transfer power to the people and use new technology to revolutionize democracy.

The event is bi-lingual with simultaneous translation from English to Italian.”

More details about this event can be found here.

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