Network democracy for a better city: D-CENT Barcelona May 5th

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“D-CENT is a Europe-wide project creating next generation democracy tools and applications that are decentralised, privacy-aware, and enhance citizens’ rights. D-CENT is trying to change the decision-making processes and makes it easier for citizens and social movements to participate in the political process and change things.

On 5 May we will host the D-CENT event under the theme ‘Network democracy for a better city’. The event will take place in Barcelona at CCCB.

This event will draw a number of high-level policy makers, academics, activists, civic society organisations, and hackers to debate the future of democratic City Governments. Together we will dive into new ways of strengthening citizens’ participation in the political process presenting already existing digital tools for a more participatory democracy, and discussing how future democratic city infrastructures and governments should look like.

Our discussions will start from the assumption that the 19th century democratic institutions are in great need of revival since they are out of synchronization with the 21st century technologies, norms and collective aspirations. They haven’t been able to respond and adapt to the new technologies of participation, transparency and proximity, which for instance Spanish citizens demanded since the big wave of the 15-M indignados movement in 2011 that radically changed Spanish politics.

The crisis of political representation and legitimacy of current institutions, corruption scandals that unveiled the major political parties’ complicity with private interest, and the public disaffection with politics can be addressed by reinventing and reactivating political participation, with concrete proposals to devolve greater control and power to citizens.

Read our draft agenda for more detail. We hope that you attend our event and contribute your views, helping us shaping the next generation tools and politics for network democracy.”

This event will be live streamed here

On the same day you can also join the P2PF and CIC event at 6pm

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