1 Comment Nathan Schneider in defense of platform cooperativism: responding to the Las Indias critique

  1. AvatarDavid

    My answer:


    But the important thing: the original answer by Nathan was not accepted in our blog. Why? Because its slight and patronizing tone. Ignore it is an endorsement to disrespect and these kind of arrogance that shows itself proud of ignoring the cooperative history out of anglosaxon and protestant countries.

    We are sick of this way of relation with the anglo-speaking «alternative world» which is obviously autistic : this thread was the first comment we got in years, and obviously was not a fraternal one. We have to translate with great effort everything we want to share with you to English as using an automatic translator seems too hard, and you are entitled to ignore the world as long as it does not assume the costs of angliphication, claps to everything and accepts bad manners if a critique puts a «pale man» nervous.

    This year we are making very hard, important projects which are very intensive in effort and time. I guess experience shows that to keep our part of this asymmetric relation with the anglospeaking p2p world would not by worthy.

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