MySpace users tell marketers get out!

You cannot disrupt social network spaces where the large majority of people share as authentic users with corporate profiles only wanting to sell. This is the clash between dolphins and sharks again. It must hard for MySpace to regulate what goes on with so many users, while keeping things open.

“Yes, it’s happening as we said it would from the start. MySpace users are complaining about the proliferation of corporate profiles created by marketers eager to tap into the 100 million people on MySpace. Of corporate profiles on MySpace, one person tells MediaPost, “Frankly, I think that’s going too far.” Frankly, we agree. While for a marketer, it’s impossible to ignore the allure of 100 million people, the proliferation of advertising on MySpace is akin to Coke placing it’s logo behind the cross in churches across the country. The two just don’t go together.”

via Adrants

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