Movement of the Day: the Counter Cartographies Collective

The Counter Cartographies Collective (3Cs), propose a specific form of counter-mapping, autonomous cartography, to understand and intervene in social processes.

“The Counter Cartographies Collective (3Cs) combines research with critical mapping to produce alternative ways of visualizing and inhabiting the world and our university. This paper advocates for an autonomous cartography, 3Cs’ combination of militant research and autonomous politics with critical cartography’s counter-mapping genre. 3Cs’ autonomous cartography, a form of cartographic militant research, begins from our own situation to create a mapping of and for political change without the aim of becoming a singular, dominating (cartographic) power. It is committed to an autonomous politics that emphasizes the creativity of labor over that of capital, and that works for political change beyond elections or state-centered activism. Autonomist theory recognizes the importance of knowledge in political struggle and in today’s global economy. As militant research, it simultaneously produces knowledge and serves as a political intervention. In this context, knowledge production is a political task from the beginning. Mapping has an especially important role: understanding the changing landscape of labor when production is geographically diffused. Within critical cartography, 3Cs’ specific practice of mapping as militant research differentiates autonomous cartography from other forms of counter-mapping.”

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