From the Coala website:

“COALA is an international multidisciplinary collaborative research and development initiative that endeavors to bring clarity in the field of blockchain technologies, smart contracts and decentralized autonomous applications. COALA is named as the “Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies” at the UN ( see ), as well the W3C’s Working Group on Cryptoequity. COALA brings together diverse stakeholders – from diverse experts to global institutions – to facilitate the development and deployment of blockchain-based applications alongside governance policies that enable innovation, proper oversight, and meaningful evolution of regulatory frameworks. As members of the UN’s IGF, the W3C, and representative of a coalition of leading academic research universities around the world, COALA’s work drives blockchain technology policy, technical development, and next-generation applications at global scale.

COALA working groups are composed of academics, lawyers, economists, programmers, protocol architects, cryptographers, security experts, technologists, entrepreneurs, among other disciplines. We provide a holistic state-of-play regarding these technologies, to drive fact-based policy, technical research and development of blockchain infrastructure, and proof-of-concept applications. Recognizing these emerging technologies as an opportunity to facilitate our social and economic evolution alongside our rapid technological advance, COALA brings diverse communities together to explore the challenges and opportunities of emerging blockchain technologies and their impact on the way we live and work in modern society.

COALA is a collaborative community eager to explore the implications and deployment of blockchain technologies at the nexus of our evolving social and economic order in the 21st century. We want people to think about how the future of the Internet and society will look like in a world of ubiquitous connectivity, our lives and devices interconnected across complex, decentralized networks, where we recognize our abundance, and, perhaps, prosper in collaboration rather than mere competition.”

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